Connect your device to the infotainment systems in cars MirrorLink ™ certification by the USB cable, for example, to use the navigation app or music from your device while driving. The infotainment system of the automobile reflects all the features on your device and provide access to all applications. Once connected, you can navigate the controls applied by the infotainment systems in cars.


Ministry of Information and Communications is an agency of government, in performing the state management of the press; publishing; postage; telecommunications; radio frequency; information technology and electronics; radio and television; news; external information; background information and information infrastructure and national media; State management of public services in these sectors under the jurisdiction of the Department of State.


Demand for telecommunications information society is becoming more critical, all work must be resolved on the basis of the information exchange process multi-dimensional, multiple sources: from the form given change voice (telephone), to exchange data, sounds and images (video conference); from information services to radio communications, to meet the demand for information anytime, anywhere. We can say people in today's modern world can not live without the equipment, support vehicle ...


With a variety of goods, stable always ready to meet the immediate needs of the customer. In addition, we can provide all the cooling capacity to the individual requirements of our customers. With support from manufacturers we are able to coordinate counseling to find optimal solutions for customers in the use of compressors (air compressors, refrigerator compressors, air compressors, cold block, block fridge, air block). Currently, we have distributors in Vietnam market: LG compressor, ...


Technology developed rapidly - the product of today will quickly obsolete tomorrow. Even the seemingly "living" as printers, optical drives, and even desk phone .. also no exception. Of course, some of which still serve people for a long time too, especially professional users working office. But most 'professional' rest, these devices will soon become .. useless.

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